Below are color samples of the more popular products used for engraved signage and architectural / ADA signage. Many more options are available and we can assist you in determining which product is appropriate for your specific application. Please note that colors are approximate as every monitor may display the colors differently.

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ADA Color Options

A matte product line specially designed by Rowmark to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Federal regulations.

ADA Colors

Satin Engraving Stock

Designed with a lightly brushed finish. Dozens of color combinations for interior signage, nameplates and personal identification

Satin Engraving Stock


A clear non-glare matte finish over a layer of rich color. Durable surface resists fingerprints. Ideal for ADA compliant signage.

Ultramatte Colors

Matte Engraving Stock

A non-glare matte finish of micro-thin overlay requires minimum cutting depth. Ideal for fine detailed engraving such as name badge logos.

Matte Engraving Stock


The textured surface allows detailed engraving. Durable and resistant to fingerprints, the Textures work well for industrial environments and high traffic areas. Outdoor weatherable and UV stable.

Industrial Engraving Stock

Standard Metallics

The luster of real metal. Each color created through a textured gravure process to reflect its own unique quality.

Metallic Engraving Stock